Carol Concert 2017

We saw over 250 people attend our annual Carol Concert event this year. There was mulled wine, lots of mince pies, a photo booth, and a dreamy University of Lincoln Orchestra with our very own Choir combination. With Dr Kate Middleton as our speaker, we had the perfect opportunity to learn about how to rest, what the world says about rest, and how God looks at rest. When you’re faced with the world telling you that you must work hard to be worthy of a place in the world, it’s easy to feel drained and overwhelmed. But when we look to God, Kate tells us he can refresh us and give us the rest we need. He says ‘come as you are’ because you are already worthy of eternity in His eyes.

As we go into this new semester it’s a good teaching to keep in mind! Keep your eyes fixed on God and you have no reason to feel overwhelmed.



We had an amazing freshers week seeing an incredible amount of people at our first meeting this Tuesday! Have a look at our photos below, we loved every single opportunity to connect with the students on campus. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support-we’re beyond excited to see what this year has to offer, and see how members grow into their giftings at university.


Hello Students!

We’re hosting a total of FIVE events this year! They’re a really great way to get to know who we are as a CU and a very easy way to make new friends.  We’re so excited to meet all of you, hope to see you there!

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We are so excited to meet you all! We have five events for Freshers Week 2017 (one includes free food, and lots of it), so keep an eye on this space for specific locations and times.

Hope to see you there!

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