Prayer Requests

Continual prayer for the following would be such a blessing to us:

-Our members will hold onto the vision we have as the Christian Union on Campus.

-Inspired and enthusiastic members who understand our mission and strive to achieve big goals we hold as a CU.

-The impact of our missional events will see people come to Christ.

-CU members will continue to show the love of Jesus to the UoL Campus.

-Every student at the University of Lincoln will have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News.

-Missions week (Feb 26-March 2). That we will see an impact made on campus where the news of our events will supernaturally reach every student, that people will have a hunger to know more of God, and we will see every student feel welcomed and comfortable to come and discuss Christianity.

-CU can be a welcoming and safe place where all feel welcome.